We ship via UPS and charge only actual UPS shipping rates with no handling fees. Note: if you have a complex order of multiple types of items, the shipping calculation may end up being too high as we can usually pack in smaller boxes than UPS calculates.  If that is the case we will adjust the shipping down so that you pay the lower rate.

All shipping costs quoted are for round trip shipping – shipping to you and a return shipping label.  The options at check out are:

  1. UPS Ground (For orders placed well in advance).  By definition, “well in advance” is the transit time indicated below plus 2 business days.
  2. Ship so it arrives on time and charge me accordingly.  If your Start date does not fall within the “well in advance” definition, choose to have us ship it by whatever means needed and charge the card on file
  3. My Start Date is soon, please contact me with shipping options.  If your Start date does not fall within the “well in advance” definition, we can provide you with shipping options and costs.

Shipping costs are quoted for UPS Ground shipping from zip code 10917 (NY).  If your rental start date is soon, it may require faster shipping than UPS Ground.  You can choose to have us email you price quotes, or ask us to get you the item on time and charge your card the cost.

For reference, here is the approximate ship time map:




Your rental items will be shipped so that according to UPS ship time calculations it will arrive on the day that you selected as the start date (or possibly before – but don’t count on it!) provided you have ordered far enough in advance for UPS Ground timing.  If you are ordering close to your start date please be sure to check shipping times, or give us a call and we can work with you on the best and most affordable shipping options.

We recommend choosing a start date far enough in advance of any out of town departure or event date to allow for shipping delays as a result of weather, UPS error, etc. – additional days are only a couple of dollars more.



Most orders we will include a pre-paid UPS return label in your rental box – simply stick on the same box and drop at any UPS Store, drop box, or associated retailer – locations can be found at

Please ship the items back on the day you selected as your end date.  Delays in return shipping will result in late charges. 

If you have questions or concerns about shipping times, please give us a call at

201-477-0217 or email us at: