Rental Process

Rental Process

The details of renting from Outdoor Equipment Rentals

First – Customer satisfaction is #1 – we want to make sure you have the best and safest adventure experience possible!!!  Please email or call with any questions or concerns, special requests, etc.  


  1. See below for definitions of Start and End date
  2. You will notice that you cannot select a Saturday, Sunday, and certain holidays as Start or End dates.  This is because UPS does not deliver/ship on those days. Note – this does not apply to local rentals, which can be picked up/dropped off on weekends and holidays.
  3. Be sure to read the Rental Agreement and indicate that you agree to the terms before completing your order
  4. Once we receive your order and review, we will send you a confirmation email.
  5. Your credit card will be charged the rental + plus shipping amount at the time of shipping.  For unreturned or damaged items we will charge the credit card on file.  
  6. If you are renting a PLB or EPIRB we may ask you for emergency contact and other information in order to register the unit with Search and Rescue and the NOAA.
  7. We will ship so that you receive your items on or before your selected start date (date you want them to arrive) PLEASE NOTE – if your rental start period is only a couple of days away, Express shipping may be needed.  If you are unsure if our standard included shipping will reach you in time, please contact us.
  8. Your rental items will arrive with a prepaid UPS return label,  Simply drop at a UPS Store, UPS Customer Center or other authorized UPS shipping location (Staples, check
  9. Finally – Have a fantastic and safe trip!!!

Dates explained:

‘From’ (Start Date) this is the day you need the items to arrive at your shipping location.  If you wish to have the items in hand a few days before you leave for your trip, please choose an appropriate starting date.  Included shipping rates are for UPS Ground shipping from Zip code 10917. Please add 1 day for handling/processing.  If the ‘From’ date you choose is very close to the day you are making the reservation, you may need to choose the Express/Overnight shipping option for an additional cost.  If you are unsure which to choose, please contact us. 

We only charge you for the days you choose – if we get it to you early, you will not be charged for extra days.

‘To’ (End Date) this is the day you will be return shipping to us (via UPS). 


We do not take up front deposits.  Accepting the rental agreement, you are accepting that we will charge your credit card on file for any damage to returned items, or full replacement cost if not returned within 7 days of the end of your reservation.

PLB & EPRIB Rentals

Personal Locator Beacons (ACR ResQlink and ACR ResQlink Plus) and EPIRBs (ACR GlobalFix Pro and GlobalFix iPro) are registered with the NOAA, so that in the event of an activation, Search and Rescue is mobilized and an emergency contact specified is also contacted.  Our beacons are registered to Outdoor Equipment Rentals, but we also submit a secondary contact/email/phone to the NOAA for them to contact.  When renting a PLB/EPIRB we will ask for this information in order to update our account on the NOAA website.  

PLB’s & EPIRBs have an internal battery that must be factory serviced.  Once one is activated for Search and Rescue the battery must be serviced and replaced at a cost that is nearly the purchase price.  If you accidentally or negligently activate the unit, your are responsible for those costs.  If you activate the unit for a true emergency – there is no charge –we will happily cover the cost and just be thankful that you are safe and the item worked as intended!!

PLBs and EPIRBs can perform a set number of self-tests over their lives before the battery must be serviced. Because of this we ask that if you feel you need to test the unit, that you only do it ONE time.


If you have questions on the above, on our products, want to rent something that isn’t on our site, or any other questions please email or call – we will be happy to do everything we can to help out!!