Our rental rates start with a base cost for a 4 day rental + a low daily price for any additional days.  The minimum 4 day rental period is required to make it worthwhile for us to ship, mostly.

Since an extra day or two is only a few dollars we highly recommend building in time before and after any planned trips to account for any delays due to weather, uncontrollable shipping issues, missed flights, etc.

Late Charges:

For rentals that are shipped back after the chosen end date, late charges will be applied to your account as follows:

  • Flat late fee of 10% of original rental cost before shipping (minimum of $10) + daily rate X days late.
  • Items not shipped back after 7 days are considered unreturned/stolen and your account will be charged the entire replacement value of the rental items.
  • If the items are subsequently shipped back between 8-14 days, we will refund the replacement charge less appropriate late fees + an additional 10% of total rental cost before shipping.
  • Items returned after 14 days may be refused.

Rental Extension

  • If you would like to keep your rental gear beyond the original end date, please contact us within 2 days of that end date to request an extension.
  • If we have sufficient inventory and grant the extension, we will simply charge the daily rate for any added days.
  • We may require you to ship back on time and deny the extension request.  Items not returned on time will incur late charges as above.