tent rental

Camping Package for 2 (NY Local pickup)

From $119.00

$119 for first 3 days/2 nights.

+$14/day for more than 3 days.

Call 201-477-0217 or email info@oerentals.com for availability and to arrange rental/pickup.

Rent our camping package for 2 – includes everything you need for a great getaway at any campground in the Catskills, Adirondacks, Hudson Valley and more!  Includes tent, sleeping bags/pads, cooking gear, cooler, and accessories.


The OER camping packages include everything you need for a great weekend (or more!) getaway to the Catskills, Hudson Valley, Adirondacks and more.  We include the core items as well as basic necessities in a complete package.

The OER camping package rental includes:

  • 1 2-person tent
  • 2 sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and sleeping bag liners. (we supply DriDown sleeping bags that are more than warm enough for any chilly night in the Catskills, Adirondacks, Hudson Valley, Vermont, etc.)
  • Cook kit for 4 (pot, pan, & 4 plates, bowls & eating utensils)
  • 2 color coded stainless steel cups
  • Propane camp stove
  • Cooking utensils – tongs, spoon, spatulas
  • Wash tub with sponge and soap
  • 45liter cooler
  • Camp accessories – towels, paper towels, hot pad, table cloth, table lantern, water carrier, matches/lighter, and more
  • Storage container to hold all the gear and make it easy to move from the trunk of the car to the campsite
  • Do you have a specific request?  We will do our best to accommodate and source your request and only charge you @ cost.

** All gear is cleaned, sanitized, or replaced between rentals.  Sleeping bags are washed, pads and tents are cleaned and disinfected, cooking/eating items are washed, and disposables are replaced (propane, paper towels, tablecloth, etc).

How does it work?

  • Give us a call at 201-477-0217 or email info@oerentals.com to check availability.  If we can accommodate, we will get your info and payment and book your equipment.  Your gear will be available for easy pickup and drop-off (even early/late!).
  • Travelling by public transportation or not able to pick up/drop off?  We can deliver and pickup to your campground in the Hudson Valley and Catskills for an additional fee.  Contact us to discuss pricing and availability.  Delivery/Pickup service is generally $149 to $199 (in addition to rental fee) depending on timing and location.
  • Rental days: $119 for first 3 days/2 nights. And then $14/additional day.  For example: pick up Friday morning and return Sunday night, cost is $119.  Return Monday night, add $14 for additional day, etc.