BCA Float E2-25 Turbo Rental
BCA Float E2-25 Turbo RentalBCA Float E2-25 Turbo RentalBCA Float E2-25 Turbo RentalBCA Float E2-25 Turbo Rental

BCA Float E2-25 Turbo Airbag

From $99.00

$99 for 4 days. Only $4/day after.

The all new ELECTRONIC airbag system from BCA – multiple deployments and no more need to fill air cylinders.

BC Link integration,  fixed leg strap, external shovel carry, back panel access, side access, and more.

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Select your preferred size – we will do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee. If you absolutely need a specific size (for example you are very large/tall or very small/short) please contact us. See Sizing tab for more details.



The OER Float E2-25 Turbo Airbag rental features BCA’s all new Float E2 avalanche airbag packs using an Alpride E2 supercapacitor system to store energy that powers the compressor upon deployment. Supercapacitor performance is more reliable in cold temperatures and releases faster when activated for deployment.  The E2 is TSA-approved for hassle-free airline travel. While the E2 system makes it easy to travel by air, our innovative Side Stash pocket and Back Stash zip make it easier to travel on snow —without stopping to hydrate, swap hat/gloves/eyewear, or even skins— just rip ‘em, stash ‘em and go!

See the “Battery and Charging” tab on this page for more details on how the supercapacitor works and charges.

Our dedicated sled-specific Float E2-25 Turbo offers 25 liters with multiple options for external shovel carry, as well as an insulated internal electronics pocket. Includes all our standard Float E2 features: waterproof coated nylon, Side Stash pocket, Back Stash zip, internal shovel/ probe carry system, curved side access zip, hip belt pocket, and “cooling fin” back panel ventilation.

In addition to the supercapacitor storage, two AA batteries to allow for additional deployments in the field. The batteries also help keep the supercapacitors at full charge when not in use. See the Float E-2 Avalanche Airbag Manual for more information.

Features and Specs

21 Liters with E2 system installed

6.2 pounds

  • Alpride Supercapacitor Engine
  • Back Stash Zip
  • BC Link compatable
  • Curved side zip access
  • Dedicated shovel/probe compartment, as well as External shovel system
  • Dual Zippered shoulder straps
  • Fleece lined goggle sleeve
  • Hip belt pocket and tool loop
  • Insulated interior electronics pocket
  • Cooling Fin back panel
  • Side Stash Pocket


How do Float airbags reduce burial depth?

  • Preventing or minimizing burial depth is the key to reducing avalanche fatalities. That’s because the majority of time in an avalanche rescue is spent on excavating the victim. An airbag is designed to keep you at or near the surface, minimizing excavation time.
  • Inverse segregation, more commonly referred to as the ‘Brazil nut effect’ is the science behind why airbags work. The turbulent movement sorts different shaped objects by size (similar to the way large Brazil nuts will rise to the top when a bowl of mixed nuts is shaken). Smaller objects are more likely to fall into the voids created by the turbulence, while larger objects move to the top. In addition to increasing your overall buoyancy, the Float avalanche airbags are designed to make a backcountry user ‘bigger’ than the surrounding pieces of debris in an avalanche. 

BCA Float E2-25 Turbo Airbag
4 NEW AA batteries

User Manual

The E2-25 uses a supercapacitor to power the fan that inflates the airbag. The supercapacitor is not affected by low temperatures like chemical batteries are.

The fully charged supercapacitor will deploy the airbag 1 (one) time.
After deployment the supercapacitor will need to be recharged via either the USB cable or installed 2 AA batteries (OER Includes 4 NEW AA batteries with every rental).
Alkaline AA batteries will recharge the supercapacitor 1 time
Lithium (non rechargeable) AA batteries will recharge the supercapacitor 3 times.

How to make sense of all of this:
– When you receive the bag check the charge level of the supercapacitor and recharge fully if necessary
– Test/practice deploying the airbag without any AA batteries installed.
– Install the AA batteries and recharge the supercapacitor via USB cable (20-40 minutes) – the USB take precedence over the AA batteries for charging the supercapacitor
– Before riding for the day, make sure AA batteries are installed and supercapacitor is charged >> if the bag is deployed during the day, the supercapacitor will automatically recharge off of the AA batteries, taking 40-80 minutes – do not rely on the airbag until fully recharged.
– Always ride with a fully charged supercapacitor and new AA batteries installed.
– OER includes 4 NEW AA batteries with every rental (likely 2 installed already, but always check!), but you should always carry and have extras. You can also charge the supercapacitor using the USB and a battery pack (like a cell phone charging pack).

The E2-25 is sized based on Torso length only. Chest, belly, shoulder, etc is not part of the sizing.

If unsure or between sizes choose the Smaller bag size. Going too large will not allow the hips to carry the weight of the bag.

The “Medium” bag we offer is listed for Torso lengths: 15″ – 18” / 38.1 – 45.7 cm
The “Large” bag we offer is listed for Torso lengths: 17” – 21” / 43.1 – 53.3 cm

To measure your torso length:

While standing upright with your chin touching your chest, have your friend locate your C7 vertebra. This is the most protruding vertebra at the base of your neck. This spot should stick out a bit more than the rest of your vertebra and it’s where the slope of your shoulders meets your neck. Your measurement will start from this point (your C7).

Place your thumbs on top of your hip bones. Rotate your hands so your index fingers make a straight line across your back (while keeping your thumbs on top of your hip bones). This imaginary line from the top of your hip bones around your back is the end point of your torso measurement and is known as the iliac crest.

Stand up nice and straight and have your friend measure the length from your C7 to your iliac crest. This is your Torso length.