Float 27 Speed Rental
Float 27 Speed RentalFloat 27 Speed airbag rentalFloat 27 Speed airbag rental

BCA Float 27 Speed Airbag w/ cylinder – Purchase

From $450.00

Off Rental Used – Air Cylinder Included.

Lightly used gear – no damage, rips or tears.  Functions 100%.  Little to no signs of use/wear.

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The Float 27 Speed avalanche airbag is designed for close-in backcountry riding and features the new Float 2.0 system. Creating buoyancy and helping you float to the surface, the 150-liter airbag not only decreases your burial depth but also protects your head and neck from trauma in an avalanche. The Float 27 Speed is nearly 30 percent smaller and 15 percent lighter than the Float 1.0 engine, the Float 2.0 engine fits inside the Float airbag compartment, freeing up more valuable space in the main compartment. Between the sleek new Float 2.0 engine and the svelte new packs, BCA has shaved 20 percent off the weight of our Float 1.0 system.

Features of the new Float 27 Speed:

  • Integrated Float 2.0 airbag system with left or right shoulder strap trigger mount
  • Integration for BC Link Radios
  • Diagonal ski carrying system
  • Main compartment, with internal tool pocket for avalanche shovel and probe
  • Padded adjustable waist belt pockets
  • Compression straps
  • Tool and gear loops
  • Stowable ice axe loop


  • Best Use: Mountain/Backcountry Snowmobile
  • 27 liters / 1,648 cubic inches
  • 5.7 pounds / 2567 (whole system including cylinder)
  • 150-liter airbag

How do Float airbags reduce burial depth?

  • Preventing or minimizing burial depth is the key to reducing avalanche fatalities. That’s because the majority of time in an avalanche rescue is spent on excavating the victim. An airbag is designed to keep you at or near the surface, minimizing excavation time.
  • Inverse segregation, more commonly referred to as the ‘Brazil nut effect’ is the science behind why airbags work. The turbulent movement sorts different shaped objects by size (similar to the way large Brazil nuts will rise to the top when a bowl of mixed nuts is shaken). Smaller objects are more likely to fall into the voids created by the turbulence, while larger objects move to the top. In addition to increasing your overall buoyancy, the Float avalanche airbags are designed to make a backcountry user ‘bigger’ than the surrounding pieces of debris in an avalanche. The Floats use compressed air in the cylinder to fill the bag and make the user’s volume larger, reducing or eliminating burial depth and increasing your chances of survival.

Important info regarding compressed air cylinders:

  • Rental units are shipped with an EMPTY air cylinder.  
  • You cannot take a filled cylinder on a commercial airline, either checked or carry on, so plan ahead.
  • The renter must have the cylinder filled near his trip destination.  A list of BCA Refill Centers can be found HERE > be sure you have a way to fill before you order
  • It is often difficult to find a place to have the cylinder filled – we have a limited number of SCUBA/Paintball Fill adapters for a small extra charge. This adapter allows the cylinder to be filled using a SCUBA tank, which should enable you to have the cylinder filled at any SCUBA shop, or off of any SCUBA tank.  Choose to add to your order during booking.
  • Cylinders must be emptied before shipping back using the prepaid return label.

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