GoPro Rental

With the OER GoPro Rental Service, you can rent GoPro cameras for just dollars per day.  From the affordable Hero6 Black all the way to the best, Hero9 Black

Why rent a GoPro from OER?

  • OER GoPro rental includes an SD card, 2 batteries, and basic accessories.  Most other rental houses will charge you extra for those items.
  • Standard mounts are only $1 for the entire rental period! Again, most other rental companies charge much more for mounts.
  • We also offer other GoPro rental add-ons, such as diving gear (filters, dive lights, etc), mics, alternate housings, 360 timelapse, extra batteries, larger SD cards, and more.
  • OER GoPro rentals offer a low cost, comprehensive package, with low flexible rates, and great customer service!
  • Flexible booking periods let you pay for just the days you need, and no more.
  • We only charge actual shipping costs when you rent a GoPro (typically around $20) for standard shipping in the US, which includes an easy to use pre-paid UPS Return label.

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