Damage Protection

OER Damage Protection

How it works:

OER offers damage protection options on some of our rental items.  Purchasing the Damage Protection reduces your liability for unintentional damage to a rental item to only a small deductible.  If you do not purchase the Damage Protection you are responsible for 100% of the repair or replacement cost of the item.  With purchase of the Damage Protection you will pay a deductible of 15% of the replacement value or repair cost of the item – whichever is less.

What is covered and what is not:

  • Unintentional damage to the rental item due to accidents during proper use of the  gear – drops, falls, accidents, etc is covered.
  • Only the main items are covered (see below), not accessories – loss or damage of accessories (batteries, chargers, cords, GoPro mounts, etc) are still 100% the responsibility of the customer.
  • Lost or stolen items are not covered- you are still 100% responsible for lost or stolen items.  Only damaged items that are returned are covered.
  • Damage caused by improper use – for example, water damage for taking a GoPro beyond its rated depth limit is not covered.
  • Minor wear and tear such as scratches and scuffs to bodies/cases will not result in any responsibility whether your purchased the Damage Protection or not.
  • Damage as a result of improper return shipping packaging is not covered.  For example, lens scratches on a GoPro because it was tossed in with the rest of  the mounts and not put back in its small cloth bag are not covered by the Damage Protection.

OER Damage Protection is an option on the following products:

  • Avalanche Airbags – backpack, airbag/engine, and cylinder are covered.  Tears/scuffs/damage from terrain and riding;  stains; burns; etc. are covered.
  • GoPro cameras – only the camera itself is covered. Mounts and other accessories are not covered.
  • SeaLife Micro 2.0/3.0 Pro Set – the Micro 2.0 camera and video light unit are covered.  Other accessories, batteries, cables, etc. are not covered
  • SeaLife DC2000 Pro Duo – the Camera, Deep Housing, Video Light, and Strobe Light are covered.  Other accessories, batteries, etc. are not covered.
  • InReach – the device themselves are covered, cables, power packs, etc. are not covered.
  • Satellite Phones – the phone itself is covered, not chargers, accessories, etc.