Best Rate Guarantee

OER Best Rate Guarantee


Find a rental rate at a competitor that is lower than ours?

Let us know, and we’ll match it plus a further 10% discount.



  • Rental rates to be compared must be all inclusive – rental item + add-ons/options + 2 way shipping.
  • Competitor rental must be the same (or as similar as possible)
    • Same item and model
    • Same add ons, accessories, or options – For example, our GoPro rentals include an SD Card but most of our competitors do not, therefore the rate comparison must include the competitors additional cost to add an SD Card rental.
    • Same number of days
  • Shipping methods must be comparable as well.  Our standard shipping is UPS Ground, so the competitor rate must be for UPS Ground, FedEx ground, or similar.  Contact us for faster shipping rates (3 day, 2 day, overnight, etc.)

Call us at 201-477-0217 or email us at with information regarding the competitors rate