OER was created in 2012 by an outdoor adventure enthusiast frustrated with the high cost of gear that would only be carried or used once or twice per year. What started as a couple of PLB rentals on ebay soon became oerentals.com and its selection of Emergency Beacons, Avalanche Safety, inReach Satellite Communications, Satellite Phones, and more.
OER is Adventure. Anywhere.
We are: hikers, backpackers, campers, climbers, mountaineers, backcountry snowmobilers, ice climbers, overland adventurers, guides, outdoor skills instructors, and Search & Rescue Team volunteers.
We use the gear. We know the gear. We only rent the gear and brands we trust ourselves. And we have the experience and expertise to help answer your questions, give advice, and support any item you rent from us.
OER is also now OER Tracking – supporting adventure races, regattas, and more with inReach satellite tracking through race tracking companies or free Garmin Mapshare tracking. For your event/race tracking needs contact us at: oertracking.com.